I booked tickets to San Fran at the end of last year, not knowing exactly who I’d see or where I’d go, but knowing that a weekend away to visit friends would do me some good.

I did not know that E-Naus would have a connection to a beach home, and would insist that my other SF friends join us. So all six of us piled into the townhouse for the weekend and it was magical.

I loved blending my friend groups — Seattle meets Amara meets Belmont High School.

We had a blast.

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Yesterday we took a day trip to visit E&T who moved to Bremerton a few months ago. Fell in love with their new home and their new lifestyle (ferry commute). Thanks for the amazing brunch and good company. Highlights included a neighborhood tour; introducing W to a coloring book; spinach from erin’s garden; outdoor diaper changes; and the ferry ride back home with great friends. xo 

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Got to ski on my birthday and take another little family trip. My gratitude at this point is overflowing and sometimes overwhelming… there’s just so much to be grateful for right now. And then I juxtapose that with everything in the news this week and it’s too much to take at times. Insert some sort of emoji here.

The day before we left, I was feeling a little exhausted just thinking about traveling or taking a long car ride. But I always take that back as soon as we hit the road. On weekend trips, it’s all good and easy and simple. I get to talk to Sean for an extended period of time (this time, he substituted as my business law professor and got me up to date on contracts — yeeeeah). I spend quality time with W in between his naps in the backseat. And I unplug a little bit (being in Canada helped).

Getting away really does feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle. Here are some recent pics of baby time, birthday treats, extended family, work events, and the Whistler trip.

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