I like goals. Sometimes too much. Often too much.

I want them to be big and ambitious and challenging and exciting and…

…then I wonder why I haven’t reached them yet.

I heard this suggestion. Super simple but led to a complete “AHA!” for me:

What do you like doing?

Doing? I like doing lots of things.

Well, do more of it.

Let go of the goal for just a second.

And do something.

…doing it.

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A couple months ago, I was working from home on a Friday. My mom was here, and I ran down to the mail room to pick up a couple packages. Within ten minutes, W had a hold of one of them and he was mesmerized. A little explorer, looking in and out of the boxes, holding them over his head, putting things in and taking them out.

The box fascination has continued. I try to keep most of his toys in or around boxes for an added layer of curiosity.

Oh, and I love watching him. With a box. In a box. Outside a box. Next to a box.

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We took a family trip to Santa Fe in early December. Why Santa Fe? I mean, I think the better question is why not?

I’m not sure if it was the Newsies song that always made me want to go here, or the fact that the dry desert seemed really enticing to a wet Seattleite… either way, I was excited.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon. Let’s just say that W won the mindfulness test by leaps and bounds. Our flight was an hour late to take-off; when it finally did start take-off, the plane slowed down and went right back to the gate. Yup, we had to switch planes because the cargo door opened.

William didn’t seem to mind. And that was a great way for Sean and me to be reminded of how wonderful kids are. I mean, this babe was spending the entire day with his mom and dad. What did he care if we had to switch planes?

The weekend was sublime – buying handmade arts at Governor’s Palace, eating at a cozy bar on our first night there, meeting old friends at the recycled art fair, and soaking up the sun and snow.

I’m loving the movie option on google photos:

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2017 is officially in full swing, and I’m back on the west coast. My two week trip to New England was my longest yet since moving to Seattle eight years ago. I still didn’t have enough time to see all the people I wanted to see and do all the things I wanted to do. But Sean and I had some spectacular moments and memories for the books. And sharing William with my family and closest friends was, well, magical.

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This morning when I woke up, I did what I always do: checked my phone for the time. Checked my text messages. Maybe the weather… and a news headline or two.

Well, I looked down for a quick moment and realized that W was staring at me. And staring at the phone screen. In fact, craning his neck to see what I was so interested in on that little device.

This has happened at least a dozen times in the last couple of weeks. And it’s kind of terrifying.

It’s scary because William is totally catching me NOT being in the moment. Am I really trying that hard to be mindful if my child is more aware of my phone use than I am?

Well, since you’re looking at your phone again mom, I’ll just continue chewing my thumb…

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