There’s just nothing like old friends.

One of my coworkers moved here from D.C. a year and a half ago. She’s my age, and I recently asked her how they’re feeling about Seattle.

The answer?


She and her husband spent nearly a decade in D.C. Her family is from there, she has high school and college friends who live there, and… those friends are hard to replace.

I get it.

Seattle has felt like a transient city since I arrived ten years ago. I had to get used to this fact (have you seen my transitions post?). I think Febbie’s leaving made me much more resilient and open to the fact that people will come and go, and that’s just part of life.

But I don’t know — there’s just nothing like old friends. And I love how some of my Seattle friends I would now refer to as “old friends.” I mean, hello, we would hang out for nights on end when we were 24 doing a whole lot of nothing but thinking that it was a lot. And now some have kids, some don’t, some are still here, some aren’t. But we’ve had those shared experiences that shape the friendship today.

Nothing reminded me of this quite like going to a camp friend’s wedding this summer. It was a a reminder of how there really is nothing like old friends.

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