It feels like my brain might burst with all the things stirring in it these days. Or maybe that’s just who I am. The ideas, the questions, the hypotheses, the plans… I am taking things in at a mile a minute and wanting to produce even faster. What factors are driving the latest idea dump? 

The end of b. school is in sight. I’m in my last quarter and I’ll be done at the end of March. My professor this semester is a total badass so it’s really rounding out to be a quarter that will go down in the books. The class is competitive strategy which might be my absolute favorite subject in the world. Or one of.

Changes at work. Two of my long-term colleagues left, and I can’t help but wonder… hmmm, where are they headed? What will they contribute there that they can’t contribute here? How will I know when it’s time to leave? I feel very committed to my current role and our incredible leadership team. And, when someone leaves, I wonder what else is out there in the big wide world. And where I could learn, contribute, grow, change, act.

I’m working out more. Ok, maybe it’s too soon to say that. But I went to TWO workout classes last week (early a.m.) and it felt bomb to be moving my body again. If I keep up with my yoga I might even get in touch with my intuition on a more regular basis and get out of my head.

Sean is starting a new job next month. In typical Sean fashion, he went out for happy hour one evening and when he came back he had a job offer. How does this happen?! I’m so psyched for him and his next step.

The brain buzz. Back to my solo dance party until W. wakes up from his nap.

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