Taking my own advice

I wrote about courage in November… about how I had been witnessing a lot of it among the people I love and admire. I was wondering what we were all going to do post-election. I was seeing people step up in different ways. I wasn’t sure what my next “courageous venture” might be… I just knew that being a new mom meant I had to be brave every day.

Well, the venture showed up. I took on the new role of COO at my company.

I had some moments of panic, of indecision, of insecurity, of apprehension. I called on some very wise counsel (you know who you are). And now I’m sorting out what it means to trust myself as a leader.

W keeps it all in perspective. Work hard, and then come home and play. And looking at his little face reminds me that I can show him how women lead, at home and out in the world.

Support system in full effect

W has 8 — count em, 8! — teeth already. lots of chewing time these past few months

Can’t stop won’t stop putting him in this outfit

Just playin’

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