Playing catch up

February and March have been big “transition” months for our family… going back to work is the biggest transition, I suppose. We started the nannyshare, took a couple trips, and are adjusting to the new schedule.

Before I had William, I didn’t really get why some of my co-workers could rarely make happy hour, or why some would look exhausted at 8:30 a.m., talking about “the rush” of getting out the door in the morning.

…I get it now.

The time from when we get home from work, before W goes to bed, is such a treasure. I am drawn back to home in a way I wasn’t before. Plus, from what I can gather, William just likes to hang out at the end of the day. He likes the routine. And therefore it’s more fun for us to just be there — rather than go out for a quick dinner or pack something into the schedule before bed.

Here are some recent photos of the little dude.

Hey, mom, what’s all the rush about in the morning? As you can see, I’m ready to go

Nannyshare friends

Out for brunch in Olympia

Armchair pose at Nora’s

Pizza time

A couple of springlike days

Friday night with mama

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