Leavenworth part two: seven boys under age five

We went back to Leavenworth — this time with Seattle friends we’ve known for a long time. Law school buddies of Sean’s, their spouses, and their kids: all boys, all under the age of five. William was the youngest.

(It’s hard to believe that these are the same people we used to stay up with until two in the morning on Capitol Hill.)

We were able to leave in the afternoon on Friday, which meant that we had a chance to scope out the house rental’s hot tub, pop open a bottle of wine, and take a nap with W before all the other families arrived.

At 7 p.m., the crews started pouring in. And the boys were WILD. Running around, jumping on couches, screaming. I had to put a barrier outside the sleeping baby’s door so the boys didn’t go barging in. I turned to Sean and asked if we’d made a mistake and if we should book a hotel in town. Not kidding.

An hour later, the kids were in bed and I took back my offer. Playing taboo with this crew made me laugh so hard. Plus we put the baby video monitor to good use and gave Sean some “tips” when he went in to soothe William who’d woken up from a deep sleep.

Seeing your friends as parents is a cool experience. I think people become unfiltered versions of themselves when they have kids. They have no choice but to live in the very moment and take in what’s coming at them. I see them as selfless extensions of themselves, pouring joy and purity into their kids. I also see them doing the best they can—no longer caring what they did that day or whether their kids behaved. It’s just, we did the best we can, now let’s relax and move on.

Maybe it’s not about becoming parents. Maybe it’s just about growing up.

Sunset on the first night

Morning stroll

Pretending we don’t have kids for one photo 

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