W does Park City

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that becoming a parent makes you think a lot about your own childhood. Things you liked, things you didn’t like, things you want to recreate for your own child. 

For me, skiing is at the top of my list of activities I want to enjoy with my son.

I learned how to ski when I was in the third grade, at the same time that my dad was re-learning how to ski. Some of my favorite memories include driving to and from the slopes and switching off CDs (my pick, then Dad’s pick) and skiing the glades at Sunday River one weekend. And there was the time we stayed at an inn for a ski weekend and met a dude from Montana who, when we asked what the ski conditions were that day, told us “it’s goin’ blue.”

Sean, little William and I arrived at Park City on a Saturday evening. On Sunday morning, W and I slept in a bit while Sean hit the slopes. The morning was kind of chaotic: finding something to eat, followed by a diaper blowout during breakfast, followed by a rocky naptime routine. But Sean came back, I geared up, and as soon as those skis hit the snow, I was GIDDY. Singing and shouting on the lift and literally cackling with delight to myself (I know Shannon can picture this). It was sunny, the snow was soft, and the Utah folks were friendly.

Days two and three were even better — we had a sitter in the morning and skied on our own for a few hours. I thought Sean would want to be more cautious when it came to our choice of trails… not so much. He still insisted on X-Files and Ontario Bowl, two gnarly runs that required some hiking, but paid off with some “heli turns” in “bottomless Utah champagne” (Sean’s words). I was happy to balance those out with some wide-open groomers. It was such a luxury to ski together, and extra delightful to come home to W – who, by the way, is sitting up on his own, grabbing everything in sight, and starting to experiment with solid food.

W also appears to be consolidating his naps… that 30 minute catnap is not haunting us as much as it used to. Which meant we got some good rest in in the afternoon as well.

Ski trips. What fun.

Happy to just be playin’

Nothing makes me happier than a sunny ski day

Downtown Park City

I found Sean and William enjoying time at the bar after my ski afternoon

William and the bears.

Our dinners were a bit of a marathon… he is grabbing anything he can put his hands on!

This snowsuit, a gift from Grandma, got a lot of action during the trip.

OK mom and dad, enough of this traveling. Take me home.


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  1. Shannon March 21, 2017 @ 10:25 pm

    I can indeed picture your solo ski day exuberance! What an awesome feeling

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