When worlds collide

First day back to work was a success. I loved being there… using my brain; leaving a room without worrying about a little baby; going out for lunch with my boss; giving feedback in meetings… it all felt good. Plus it was so easy (blissful even) to leave W with his grandparents all day.

And then, at the end of the day, I couldn’t really seem to turn off work. I wanted to send emails after W fell asleep. I started planning 2017 projects in my head when I got into bed.

I think it’s all temporary. This adjustment. The transition. Figuring out what works. Figuring out how to separate work from baby. Being… wait for it…. mindful. In both environments.

Or maybe it’s just not possible to keep them separate. We shall see.

We’re not really sure where W learned these new sounds…

Surprise visit from Kira on her way to Ecuador. She gave W a late-night jangle, naturally.

I love coming home to these eyelashes

Visit from Gretchen over the weekend (we became friends on the SU Italy trip). Remind me to tell you about that trip sometime…

Sean is trying to teach W how to crawl by leaving La Croix cans just out of reach. Seems to be really motivating for the time being.

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