What’s new with W?

This week was a tough one. On Wednesday, I came down with a nasty stomach bug. It was my hardest day yet as a mom, and I was feeling week and defeated by the end of it. William wasn’t feeling so great yesterday, but luckily Grandma was in town. I was able to go to an all-day leadership retreat (still not officially back to work… for the record), and we’ve been healing since.

W¬†seems to be more like himself today. I’ll tell you, nothing like feeling awful to make you really, really appreciate you and your kid’s health and vibrancy.

What’s new with William these days…

So much more playful! And lots of belly giggles. Here he is wearing his beautiful sweater and cap knitted by my dear friend Steph (whose birthday is today!).

Bathing is one of his favorite activities.

Two teeth on the bottom, and I think the two on the top will be coming in very, very soon…

More personality! Still has that sweet demeanor but also let’s us know — quite clear — when he’s ready for something different.

He is so much louder! And more talkative. Making all kinds of noises and practicing lots of different sounds. My favorite is when he says “ma” over and over and over again.

More interactive with other babies. I’m getting really excited for the nannyshare.

So happy to have a bedtime story with Shandy

Glad to be back to our walks around the ‘hood now that we’re feeling better.

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