I knew you when…

I love introducing W to new people. First, because he’s one of the friendliest dudes I know – you’re pretty much guaranteed a smile within a few minutes. Two, because he learns new expressions, games, and ways of interaction. And three, because I think the more people who love and know him, the better.

Have you ever thought about those people who you’ve known since you were a wee little baby, or a toddler? Or a teenager? The people who get to say “I knew you when…”

I think that’s one of the reasons why it was so fun to see old friends over the holidays. We jump back into the same language even though the hairstyles, conversation topics, and roles may have changed over time.

I want to go back and see even more peeps — there just wasn’t enough time!

Leila and Ali made the trip up to VT to see the little guy.

Life of the party

Had my first night away from W and met up with the Wo girls at our Portsmouth penthouse suite.

Braved the hailstorm for a little lunch with Jeannie

Lei soaking up her last bit of W before our plane took off to Seattle

W’s first bike ride…


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