Cell phones: the antithesis of mindfulness?

This morning when I woke up, I did what I always do: checked my phone for the time. Checked my text messages. Maybe the weather… and a news headline or two.

Well, I looked down for a quick moment and realized that W was staring at me. And staring at the phone screen. In fact, craning his neck to see what I was so interested in on that little device.

This has happened at least a dozen times in the last couple of weeks. And it’s kind of terrifying.

It’s scary because William is totally catching me NOT being in the moment. Am I really trying that hard to be mindful if my child is more aware of my phone use than I am?

Well, since you’re looking at your phone again mom, I’ll just continue chewing my thumb…

And here’s the thing: I don’t think I’m that addicted to my phone. No, seriously, hear me out. My friends will attest, I’m often hours late to the group text message. Or I leave my phone in a purse or jacket pocket and don’t dig it out until hours have gone by (and I’ve missed a pizza dinner, sigh). Or my phone was in silent mode (again) and so I missed that phone call I’ve been meaning to have for days…

But that’s all besides the point. I mean, what is William’s little brain DOING when he sees that cell phone shoved in his face for a photo? And what does he think when he sees a cell phone getting as much attention as he does? Or what about when he smiles at a stranger in line at the bakery but she doesn’t see him because her face is buried in a phone?

We’re so screwed.

I think my smart phone has made me feel more connected to my friends and family, and for that I love it. I love the videos and the photo updates I receive. The daily email from my dad. I love that I have so much information at the tip of my fingers. Or that I can cross something off my list right then and there — before I forget it later. Or that I can tune into Spotify anytime I please.

But when my four month old baby starts looking at the phone screen or looking at me while I’m staring at the phone screen, I know I’m in trouble.

A 30-second clip I couldn’t resist including on the blog.

Capturing our afternoon at REI on film. We’ve been savoring our long days.

I’m just so cute in my diaper that you had to pull out that phone again.

Someone can hold his head up pretty well at the dinner table!

Love those eyelashes… perhaps why so many people say “what a pretty girl?”

Today was the Madison Park Christmas Ships event… such a blast

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