Today is all about gratitude

My mom was here for three weeks in October. If you wondered why my posts dropped off, now you know.

Our visit definitely had its ups and downs, but overall I enjoyed spending time with my mama. And I don’t think William has a bigger fan: she loves (loves!) this little boy so very much. 


Mom’s last day in Seattle was hard. It felt like the last day of camp: the visit was coming to a close, and I was going to miss my cabinmate. At the same time, I was excited about what was next — my newfound independence and confidence as a mom, and my continued maternity leave with William. (At the end of camp, I would like thinking about all the projects I would do or people I would see before school started… while missing my Wo friends so very much.)

Strangely enough, her last day in Seattle was also the anniversary of Grandma’s passing (my mom’s mom). Mom and I had been together on that day five years ago: we were in the parking lot of the Tulalip Outlets when she received the news. (Let’s just say, I haven’t been back since.)

To make Mom’s last day in Seattle less somber, we walked into town and split a slice of chocolate cake at one of my favorite local joints. Mom said it reminded her of one of the cakes Grandma used to make — not too sweet, but rich enough to leave you feeling very satisfied. It was a really sweet moment to share with my mom: William on my lap, the pitter patter of rain outside, and our pots of tea steeping on the table.


Since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought no better time to note three of the things I really love about my mama.

(1) My mom is so positive about childrearing, childbirth, pregnancy, and being a mom. She is encouraging and upbeat — and it’s infectious. It rubs off on me in the best way possible.

(2) My mom can laugh at herself. She undertook a 16-day painting project while she was in Seattle (William’s nursery just had to be the perfect shade of New England white…). I teased her relentlessly about the project and she took it. We laughed pretty hard when I tried to enlighten her on project management.

(3) My mom is a great listener. It’s like everything that comes out of my mouth is the most interesting thing she’s ever heard — whether it’s how to get a stain out of my clothes, the weather, a magazine article, or being a new parent — she’s all ears. My siblings and I talk about this a lot. We’ll call Mom to see how she’s doing, but before we know it we have spent 45 minutes talking about our own lives. Sigh.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll reach out to the people you love and tell them how much you appreciate them. (And get specific. Tell them the qualities or actions you appreciate.) It will mean more than you know – for you and them.

Some highlights from Mom’s trip:

A walk in Seward Park with three grandparents

A walk in Seward Park with three grandparents.

Testing out William's new Wo chair.

Testing out William’s new Wo chair in the nursery.

Out to lunch with Grandma... one of our favorite pastimes.

Out to lunch with Grandma… one of our favorite pastimes.

Mom + Mount Rainier = a glorious Seattle day

Mom + Mount Rainier = a glorious Seattle day.

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  1. Julia November 25, 2016 @ 10:30 pm

    This was a delight to read! 🙂 mom’s are the best.

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