A diaper change is not just a diaper change

I’m kind of a mindfulness junkie.

I have always enjoyed a good yoga class, but I think my interest in mindfulness really took off when my book club read Thích Nhất Hạnh’s The Miracle of Mindfulness a couple of years ago. I read it while Sean and I were in Cannon Beach for a long weekend, and I now look back on that trip as one of the best weekends of my life. I was so present for everything we did together, and present for our relationship.

I like this definition a lot:


Since reading the book, mindfulness is a muscle I try to tone when I can. Last year, I convinced Sean to take an Introduction to Buddhism class with me. And I’m in a “mindful moms” group right now (so Seattle, no?).


In September, William grew from this…


….to this!

It’s certainly not easy to stay present. And those who know me well know that I am quick to jump to the emotion, quick to start planning a future event, or quick to analyze something to the EXTREME.


Bonding with Dada.

I have been reflecting on my first “real” full month of maternity leave, which started when family left and Sean returned to work in mid-September. The first month forced me to be more mindful.


W liked staring at Panda. A lot.

I couldn’t plan too far in advance. I had to stop saying to myself, “Well, this worked well with W yesterday so I’m sure it will work again…”


Even a trip to Dr. Broom’s office (my dentist) was more enjoyable. (Accidentally threw my retainers out when eating a midnight snack…yup.)

I stopped seeing diaper changes as something to check off a list before we headed out for the day. Diaper changes became a chance to connect with W, and sing and talk to him.

Nursing him for hours turned from a chore to a delight when I accepted the fact that it was happening… often.


Somebody likes to nurse and snooze in the same spot.

I had to let go of my desire to have everything “just right” when friends or family came to visit.


Shan and Derek continued to bring us burritos… a good sign.


Jackie, Rachel, and Moose the puppy. Time with grandparents. Martha’s daughters practicing their baby holding skills.


Playdates with Sarah have made it OK to be two hours late. She just rolls with it. #goodmindfulmama


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