First family day trip

Last weekend, we were feeling a little restless and wanted to get out of the city. I was hoping to see some fall foliage (it was Columbus Day weekend after all — oh, how I miss New England), so we decided to take a day trip up north, driving Chuckanut Drive to Fairhaven.

We definitely had to adjust our expectations (example: we planned to leave at 11 and didn’t make it out of the house until 1:30), and took things slow once we were there (pausing for nursing and naps). But taking life at this new pace was pretty enjoyable for me; my senses were heightened and I was able to appreciate the crisp air, the smiles on W’s face, and the beauty of Bellingham.

Plus William slept for hours — he loves I-5 apparently.

W wonders — where are my parents taking me now?!


This is how much water and La Croix my husband packs for a day trip.



We walked down to the Alaska ferry terminal… that would be a fun trip to take someday.





Strolling the streets of Fairhaven


We finished off the day with $5 happy hour burgers at the Black Cat (upstairs in the brick building).


W told us he was ready to head home after dinner…



Bye bye Bellingham. Until our next day trip…

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