Visits, meals, and support: the perfect recipe for a new baby

In addition to the joy of William and a visit from an old friend, we have had a lot of good things pouring in over the last seven weeks. It has been amazing to have so much support from our friends, family, co-workers, golf buddies, neighbors… the list goes on.

We’ve had newborn diapers delivered to our doorstep; loads of laundry done in a matter of hours; blueberry pancakes made from scratch; generous gifts sent our way; messages of support from our east coasters; and so much more.

Everyone told us to accept help when we had a baby. We did it. And we’re loving it.


A hospital visit from my cousin Paul, his wife Gabrielle, and their two twin girls.


My friend Leila will send texts and videos to William often (it’s the best). This is one of my favorites – she started to cry when I sent her a photo of W taking a bath for the first time. So sweet!


W got to meet some of his future playmates…



William loved being held during his first week.


I went into labor at John and Janaki’s BBQ, so it was extra fun to catch up with them. And Janaki is due with a baby boy (William #2!) in just a few weeks.

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