The many faces of little W

the-collageA few people have asked me questions like, “Is William a happy baby? What’s his temperament like? Is he an easy baby? What does he like to do?”

These are hard questions for me to answer because I didn’t exactly hang out with a bunch of babies prior to W. But here’s what I know:

– He’s a snuggler. He likes to be close to people and held by people.

– He likes to be part of the action. If Sean and I are eating dinner, or having friends over, he likes to be out in the living room or dining room where everyone is hanging out (even if he’s sleeping).

– If he’s grumpy or fussy, there’s usually one reason and one reason only: hunger. This boy eats a lot.

– He sleeps. He gives us one 4-6 hour stretch when we first go to bed, and then he’s usually up again another 2-3 hours later. Not bad.

– His favorite thing to do is stare at contrasting colors, lights, or objects.

– He’s alert, watchful, and smiles when he’s happy.

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