Sometimes all it takes is a visit from an old friend

Febbie came to visit last weekend. It was wonderful to have her in Seattle, and I loved sharing little William with her. We ate at some delicious Seattle establishments, caught up for hours, and reminisced about our footloose and fancy free days in Seattle (ah, to be 22 again).

One of my favorite things about Febbie is that she is a person with strong beliefs and opinions — and, most importantly, she doesn’t hold back from sharing them. You always know you’re getting the real deal with her. Let’s also not forget her amazing cooking skills, great sense of style, and environmental savviness (I swear we will get composting soon — eek, I can’t believe I just confessed that as a Seattleite).


Febbie also has a blog, so I thought it would be a good time to ask her for some advice about starting one. Her wisdom was priceless: “Well, you get a WordPress site and then choose a theme.”

Wait, it’s that easy?

The truth of the matter is that I have been wanting to start a blog for years. I even took an MBA course this summer all about creativity, innovation, and pursuing what speaks to you (and writing was part of my action plan).

But I needed a friend to remind me that starting a blog is not hard to do; the hard part is the motivation, time, and commitment to keep it going. And maybe, in my case, it also took the birth of a child to push me over the edge into the unchartered territory of sharing your life on the internet.

I see this blog as a creative outlet for:

(1) Keeping in touch with family and friends, who wonder what I’m doing, what I look like, or who I really am, because I am not an active social media user, to say the least. (However stay tuned for some #backoninsta posts soon — really).

(2) My ideas, thoughts, opinions, adventures (enter: my life) and all the things running through this head of mine. When you have a baby, I think you need that outlet even more.

(3) A record! When I look back over the past 8 years in Seattle, I have great friends, memories, accomplishments, and things to cheer about — but they are strewn between printed photos, random Shutterfly albums, and my own personal journal. The blog is an opportunity to track this stuff.

I can’t wait to share with you. Let’s get on with this blogging thing already.

Obviously Sean couldn't resist dressing W up in his midd kid outfit

Sean couldn’t resist dressing up W in his Midd kid outfit


Out and about in Ballard


A gift from aunt Febbie that puts W in touch with his New England roots

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